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We Need Your Help to Launch Garbo

Help us hire engineers, acquire more data, and reach the women and men who need Garbo.


We are fundraising to save lives.

Garbo's platform aims to proactively prevent crimes by providing the first full crime funnel background check.

By allowing someone to search before the first meeting and get a holistic view into someone's background, we aim to prevent crimes like sexual assault, domestic violence, and sexual harassment.

Garbo comes after our founder left an abusive relationship and was forced to fight her abuser in the NYC courts after he launched a full blown campaign of harassment against her. She saw the holes and bottlenecks in the system and vowed to find a way for women to never enter the system to begin with.

After months of talking with experts, survivors, and online daters we've created the first background check that can be used before the first meeting.

When 1 in 3 women and 1 in 7 men are the victims of sexual assault, we need to take action. With your donation, you're helping to put a stop to these crimes and save lives.